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Backup Manager

team1 Virtual Office Local Backup Service
Most reputable online services include nightly backups of client accounts as part of their service, but they don’t provide an automated method for their clients to create a local backup of their important documents. At The ShareVantage, we recognize how important your intellectual property is to your business. Our service includes secure nightly backups of our database servers at our secure data center. What’s more, we offer an optional ZIP backup archive service for your account.

Backup Manager Operates Transparently
Using The ShareVantage Document Manager, you can schedule an archive of your documents and designate a storage location on your local or network drive. During the evening, the Backup Manager will locate and archive every file stored in Document Manager, Contact Manager, or Workflow Manager, of your ShareVantage account to an easy to use ZIP archive. The ZIP archive files are securely transferred to the designated folder on your local or network drive using SSL encryption. You can then use any ZIP compatible application (e.g., WinZIP) to extract the files whenever required.

  • Backup virtual office files to easy to use ZIP archive
    Locates and archives all files in your ShareVantage account.
  • Backups are easy to schedule
    Backup process runs after business hours.
  • Protects your backup using encryption
    ZIP archive files transfer safely using SSL encryption from our servers to your local or network drive.
  • Seamless transfer to your local or network drive
    ZIP archive files are transferred in the background to reduce the load on your computer.
  • Extract files using any ZIP compatible program
    Quick and easy access to any backup.

Exceptional Online Service
How many online services provide supplemental backup services of accounts to local or network drives? Most often, they leave it up to their customers to find their own solution. The ShareVantage is an exceptional service with exceptional value.

The ShareVantage
  • Local backup of your files without IT manager assistance.
  • Easily manage ZIP archive files.
  • Exceptional online service offering.

Backup Manager is an optional service. Visit the pricing page for details.

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